How to Clean Table Tennis Rubber – Cleaning Up the Ping Pong Paddle

how to clean table tennis rubber

How to Clean Table Tennis Rubber

You’ve found a good Ping-Pong paddle that’s responsive. Its rubber is grippy and loops much do themselves. It delivers a perfect shot once playing the sport and it’s comfy in your hand. If you wish the paddle to last and keep acting well, it must be properly maintained. There are quite a few players who don’t notice this and that they are perpetually shopping for replacements. Here are some recommendations on how to clean table tennis rubber the correct way. Following this recommendation can facilitate to increase the lifetime of your paddle.

how to clean table tennis rubber

Why Clean Up your Paddle can Create a Difference?

Have you noticed how well a brand new paddle works compared to an old one that’s been lying around in the dust? This can be as a result of new rubber contains an elasticity and better grip-ability. 

Once it hits the ball, it delivers a clean shot that puts the ball wherever it’s speculated to go (if you’re a talented player). Once the rubber becomes worn, the paddle becomes smoother and also the accuracy goes downhill. You can also opt for buying a new pair of ping pong rubbers as well.

Collections of dirt or grime on the paddle may interfere with the action as a result of inconsistencies within the grip of the surface. Mud and dirt have a dulling impact and may conjointly cause premature deterioration of the rubber material.

Paddles ought to be clean after every use for the most effective results. Below are the simplest ways on how to clean table tennis rubber.


How to Clean Table Tennis Rubber:

Water and Sponge:

This is the least pricey way to clean your paddle. Use a regular kitchen sponge and hot water. Dampen the sponge and gently wipe the surface of the rubber till you notice that the dirt and other particles are coming back loose.

Avoid vigorous cleansing. If there’s a buildup of oils and dirt, let the wetness from the sponge gently soak it off, then wipe off. Repeat till the rubber begins to feel tacky once more. Let the paddle to air dry.

There are specialized sponges on the market that are created specifically for cleaning table tennis paddles. They supply good results and work with more efficiency, however, if you don’t wish to pay the money, regular sponges can work well too.


Rubber Cleanup Solutions:

If plain water and a sponge isn’t doing the duty, you’ll additionally use a rubber cleanup solution. These products are available in foams and sprays. There are many completely different brands out there and that they do facilitate to cut the grime that may build up, quicker than plain water.

While some players suggest using these products, others report that they deteriorate the rubber quicker. If you are doing go along with this methodology, read the labels and notice a solution that provides mild cleanup whereas leaving a lightweight conditioning residue. This may facilitate to guard the rubber against chemical reaction and aging.


Toothbrush Technique:

If you play with a pimpled rubber then one in every of the more practical ways that are to use a toothbrush to urge into hard to reach areas. You’ll be able to use plain water to dampen the brush before use, or a rubber cleanup solution.

The brushes can get into the small pimples and take away any dust that has collected to allow you a tackier surface. Once finished, let the paddle to air dry.


What to Avoid once Cleanup your Paddle?

Some players use a little quantity of detergent once cleansing their paddles, however, this isn’t suggested. The ingredients in most cleaners are harsh and may be abrasive. They have a tendency to dry out the rubber, creating it brittle.

This shortens the time period of the rubber forcing you to switch it sooner. Also, don’t use any product that contains alcohol or bleach as they’ll have the same impact.


Some Simple Tips to Follow:

It’s always a decent plan to get your paddle covered once it’s not in use. This may facilitate to let it clean and in good overall condition. Keep it out of the sun and extreme hot/cold temperatures. Even leaving it in the air will result in a quicker breakdown of the rubber.

This is as a result of the rubber can oxidize once in grips with the air. It’s suggested that you simply use a plastic protecting sheet to hide the rubber surface which can greatly cut back this impact.

While you’re cleaning the playing surface of the paddles, don’t forget to wipe down the handles. They get dirty too. The mix of body oils, sweat and different contaminants from your hands will eventually break down the integrity of the materials.

how to clean table tennis rubber

Bottom Line:

If you clean your paddle using any of the strategies above, your rubber can last a really long time. But if you think that that the rubber is simply too old and on the far side salvation, we’ve got a good guide the way to choose a brand new paddle. You may need to check it out.



How to Clean a Ping Pong Table?

How to make Ping Pong Paddle Sticky?

What are the Rules for Ping Pong? Basic Rules for Ping Pong

What are the Rules for Ping Pong?

What are the Rules for Ping Pong?

The ease and relative affordability of Ping-Pong has created it one in all the foremost well-liked sports within the world nowadays in participation. Not solely is that the game simple to learn, however, it’s conjointly very fun and needs very little money investment or area. In this article, we will be covering what are the rules for ping pong? Basic Rules and Regulation of playing ping pong.

All you need is a table, a net, a ball and a racket to get started. You’ll be able to play anyplace, at any anytime and simply a few hours per week hit that tiny white ball around will do wonders for your fitness.

Like all sports, There are in fact some rules to follow, whether or not you’re playing a friendly match at the HDB void deck or taking part in a very tournament. The International table tennis Federation (ITTF) is that the sport’s main regulative body and sets the principles for the sport.

What are the Rules for Ping Pong?

What are the Rules for Ping Pong?

Your Equipment:

While there are fewer restrictions in a very friendly match, the ITTF rigorously regulates the equipment used throughout a tournament.

The table, or playing surface, ought to be 2.74m long and 1.525m wide, on a platform 76cm on top of the ground. The top of the net, along with its whole length, should even be 15.25cm higher than the playing surface.

In a tournament, the ball used should have a diameter of 40mm and weigh specifically 2.7g. In addition, the ball will solely be created out of celluloid or similar plastics material and be either white or orange, and matt, in color.

Finally, the racket is often of any size, form or weight however the blade should be flat and rigid and be created out of eighty-fifth natural wood. Before the beginning of a match, a player should enable his/her opponent and also the umpire to examine the racket he/she is getting ready to use.


Playing The Sport:

A game is started once one player (server) makes a service before the receiver makes the comeback.

The Server Should:

  • Begin with the ball resting freely on an open palm.

  • Project the ball close to vertically upwards, while not impartation spin, in order that it rises a minimum of 16cm.

  • Strike the ball in order that it touches 1st his/her court then. When passing over the net assembly, touches directly the receiver’s court. In doubles, the ball should touch successively the right half court of server and receiver.


Once the ball has been served, each player is to form returns till a point is scored. In doubles, every player on a similar team should act to form the comeback.

After a pair of points is scored. The receiving player/pair shall become the serving player/pair so on till the end of the sport.



A set is when one amongst the players or pairs initial score eleven points. In the event that each player/pairs score ten points. A group is being won by the first player/pair to achieve a 2-point lead. A full match is won once a player or pair wins the best of any odd range of sets (3, 5, and 7).

A point is scored when:

  1. An opponent fails to form an accurate service.

  2. An opponent fails to form a return.

  3. The ball touches any a part of an opponent’s body.

  4. An opponent strikes the ball double in succession.

  5. If an opponent, or something an opponent wears, touches the playing surface or net throughout the play.

  6. If a doubles opponent strikes the ball out of the sequence established by {the 1st|the primary} server and the first receiver.

What are the Rules for Ping Pong?

Bottom Line:

Have Fun!

These are in fact solely the essential rules of the sport. For the complete set of rules and laws, visit the ITTF’s handbook.



How to clean a Ping Pong Table?

How to clean Table Tennis Rubber?

How to Clean a Ping Pong Table? – Ping Pong Cleaning Guide

How to Clean a Ping Pong Table

How to Clean a Ping Pong Table?

Having a ping pong table is amazing till you would like it clean! now, don’t worry, keep calm, we’ve got you covered. I do know you relish playing ping pong. however, do you ever think about its cleanliness? Or do you simply play and stay up for it to scrub itself? The table has no arms thus it’s you to make sure it’s been clean completely. In this article, I contain how to clean a ping pong table, therefore sit back and revel in the article.

How to clean a Ping Pong Table:

Cleaning a ping pong table isn’t solely good for the table itself however additionally to you the player. Look, once you clean it; probabilities that it’ll last long are terribly high. Again, if you clean it, you take away the germs and thus probabilities of you getting sick are lowest.

There are such a lot of ways that of cleansing the ping pong table. And it’s wise to scrub it rigorously because it is incredibly delicate and thus we don’t need to subject it to harsh chemicals. you’ll use commercial cleansers to scrub your ping pong table. so watch out with whichever cleansing agent you choose to use.

What you will be needing

  1. Vinegar.
  2. Bucket.
  3. Water.
  4. Wash.
  5. Rags.
  6. Screwdriver.

A ping pong table is somewhat of a fragile item to scrub, as you do not wish to subject the sports table to harsh chemicals or solvents. They’ll strip away the paint. Therefore, it’s better to use a natural cleaner like vinegar and blend it with water.

How to Clean a Ping Pong Table

How to Clean a Ping Pong Table?

Step 1Take away Net from the Table.

Using a screwdriver, dismantle net from the ping pong table.

Step 2Combine the Vinegar with the Water.

Combine an equal quantity of vinegar with an equal quantity of water in a very utility pail or bucket.

Step 3Dip the Wash Rag within the Vinegar and Water.

Dip a wash rag into the cleansing solution and take away any excess liquid.

Step 4Clean.

Clean off the whole table top, ensuring you do not miss any spots. Use a circular motion as you clean. Follow up with a clear water rinse, using the rag and water from the bucket.

Step 5Clean net and Connect it.

Combine the vinegar and water all over again and place net into the solution for 1 / 4 of an hour. Remove net and let it air dry. Once it’s dried, affix it back to the table with the screwdriver.

How to Clean a Ping Pong Table


How to make Ping Pong Paddle Sticky?

How to Clean Table Tennis Rubber?

How to make Ping Pong Paddle Sticky – Basic Tips for Ping Pong Players

How to make Ping Pong Paddle Sticky

How to make Ping Pong Paddle Sticky

There are quite a few ways on how to make ping pong paddle sticky. Here are some of the easiest ways that you can begin with:

How to check Ping pong Paddle stickiness

The first thing you would like to try and do before you go and create your ping pong paddle stickier is to measure the present stickiness of your paddle. One amongst the simplest way to do this is often to get a sheet of paper. When you are doing that, then stick your paddle to the paper.

If the paddle sticks to the paper and you’ll move it around (with the paper still attached) then you have got a perfect stickiness to your ping pong paddle. If you have got a sticky paddle, then you’re about to be ready to get a lot of grip on the ball once you’re playing.

A lot of grips typically equals more speed, and this is often about to enable you to take your game to the higher level.

How to make Ping Pong Paddle Sticky

How to make ping pong paddle sticky:

Replace the Rubber:

This isn’t the foremost ideal technique, however, you ought to rely on it. Replacing the rubber on your paddle is simple. Plenty of individuals have their paddles for too long, and this makes them non-sticky over time. If your paddle is old then you must get a brand new paddle. However, if it’s not old then simply replace the rubber.

Artist Brush Technique:

A technique for you to form the paddle a lot stickier is for you to shop for a brush, just like the one painters use. Then, you’re going to need to get sunflower-seed oil. Fully paint the sunflower-seed oil onto the ping pong rubber. Let it dry, and so repeat the method a couple of times till you get the required stickiness. The beauty of doing this is that you just can try this as much as you want!

Clean the Paddle:

Another great way for you to form your paddle sticky is by cleansing the paddle. This may get all the mud and excess material off of your paddle, and may bring back some of the first stickiness!

Use a Cover:

You’ll be able to notice ping pong paddle covers that are speculated to be placed over your rubber once not in use. This permits your paddle to remain clean. Cleanliness could be a major issue of what makes your paddle non-sticky. This is often one amongst the simplest measures you’ll be able to go for a shield against dirtiness.

Use a Glue:

Before your games, you’re allowed to use a skinny layer of glue. This could quickly heighten the stickiness of your paddle for your match and let you play better. Watch out to not use an excessive amount of although, as a result of an excessive amount may hurt your game!

Buy a Decent Paddle:

This is often one amongst the best way to own a sticky paddle. There’s an enormous quality difference once watching for paddles, and if you get yourself a decent paddle then you must avoid having problems with it for an extended time.

How to make Ping Pong Paddle Sticky

In Conclusion,

Beware of your paddle and clean it often. You’ll be able to conjointly use any of them on top of strategies to extend your viciousness. Some are higher than others, and a few are solely meant to be used for brief or future use.

If you’re curious about having your own custom ping stench paddle, we tend to create those.



How to Clean Table Tennis Rubber?

How to Clean a Ping Pong Table?