How to Clean Table Tennis Rubber – Cleaning Up the Ping Pong Paddle

how to clean table tennis rubber

How to Clean Table Tennis Rubber

You’ve found a good Ping-Pong paddle that’s responsive. Its rubber is grippy and loops much do themselves. It delivers a perfect shot once playing the sport and it’s comfy in your hand. If you wish the paddle to last and keep acting well, it must be properly maintained. There are quite a few players who don’t notice this and that they are perpetually shopping for replacements. Here are some recommendations on how to clean table tennis rubber the correct way. Following this recommendation can facilitate to increase the lifetime of your paddle.

how to clean table tennis rubber

Why Clean Up your Paddle can Create a Difference?

Have you noticed how well a brand new paddle works compared to an old one that’s been lying around in the dust? This can be as a result of new rubber contains an elasticity and better grip-ability. 

Once it hits the ball, it delivers a clean shot that puts the ball wherever it’s speculated to go (if you’re a talented player). Once the rubber becomes worn, the paddle becomes smoother and also the accuracy goes downhill. You can also opt for buying a new pair of ping pong rubbers as well.

Collections of dirt or grime on the paddle may interfere with the action as a result of inconsistencies within the grip of the surface. Mud and dirt have a dulling impact and may conjointly cause premature deterioration of the rubber material.

Paddles ought to be clean after every use for the most effective results. Below are the simplest ways on how to clean table tennis rubber.


How to Clean Table Tennis Rubber:

Water and Sponge:

This is the least pricey way to clean your paddle. Use a regular kitchen sponge and hot water. Dampen the sponge and gently wipe the surface of the rubber till you notice that the dirt and other particles are coming back loose.

Avoid vigorous cleansing. If there’s a buildup of oils and dirt, let the wetness from the sponge gently soak it off, then wipe off. Repeat till the rubber begins to feel tacky once more. Let the paddle to air dry.

There are specialized sponges on the market that are created specifically for cleaning table tennis paddles. They supply good results and work with more efficiency, however, if you don’t wish to pay the money, regular sponges can work well too.


Rubber Cleanup Solutions:

If plain water and a sponge isn’t doing the duty, you’ll additionally use a rubber cleanup solution. These products are available in foams and sprays. There are many completely different brands out there and that they do facilitate to cut the grime that may build up, quicker than plain water.

While some players suggest using these products, others report that they deteriorate the rubber quicker. If you are doing go along with this methodology, read the labels and notice a solution that provides mild cleanup whereas leaving a lightweight conditioning residue. This may facilitate to guard the rubber against chemical reaction and aging.


Toothbrush Technique:

If you play with a pimpled rubber then one in every of the more practical ways that are to use a toothbrush to urge into hard to reach areas. You’ll be able to use plain water to dampen the brush before use, or a rubber cleanup solution.

The brushes can get into the small pimples and take away any dust that has collected to allow you a tackier surface. Once finished, let the paddle to air dry.


What to Avoid once Cleanup your Paddle?

Some players use a little quantity of detergent once cleansing their paddles, however, this isn’t suggested. The ingredients in most cleaners are harsh and may be abrasive. They have a tendency to dry out the rubber, creating it brittle.

This shortens the time period of the rubber forcing you to switch it sooner. Also, don’t use any product that contains alcohol or bleach as they’ll have the same impact.


Some Simple Tips to Follow:

It’s always a decent plan to get your paddle covered once it’s not in use. This may facilitate to let it clean and in good overall condition. Keep it out of the sun and extreme hot/cold temperatures. Even leaving it in the air will result in a quicker breakdown of the rubber.

This is as a result of the rubber can oxidize once in grips with the air. It’s suggested that you simply use a plastic protecting sheet to hide the rubber surface which can greatly cut back this impact.

While you’re cleaning the playing surface of the paddles, don’t forget to wipe down the handles. They get dirty too. The mix of body oils, sweat and different contaminants from your hands will eventually break down the integrity of the materials.

how to clean table tennis rubber

Bottom Line:

If you clean your paddle using any of the strategies above, your rubber can last a really long time. But if you think that that the rubber is simply too old and on the far side salvation, we’ve got a good guide the way to choose a brand new paddle. You may need to check it out.



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